Make checks payable NSHAV
Send to: NSHAV
Questions should be sent to:
nsharegv@gmail.com or PM Facebook for mailing address.

Ebony Clark - Show Secretary
Trish Phelps -- Show Manager
Todd Van Duinen - Show Steward
Trish Phelps -- Show Manager

Stall and Shavings Reservations:
Jodi Sterling -- Barn Manager
Phone: 928-768-4912

Stall and Shavings Reservations and Stall Check-In permitted after 12:00 p.m. Friday prior to the start of the show (Please call in advance to make a reservation to check prior to 5 p.m. Friday -- without this reservation check-in will be 5 p.m. -- first come/first serve based on contact with barn manager). Stall and shavings reservations must be made directly with the Barn Manager at the above number.

Discounted Room Rates:
NSHAV is now able to offer discounted room rates through Arizona Charlie's for our exhibitors. When making reservations, simply use Individual Pay - X-NSHIP. A rate of $36.00 Sunday - Thursday and $55.00 Friday - Saturday, plus taxes!


Next Show Dates: Saturday, October 15, 2022
Buckle Series #2 & Costume Contest

NSHAV Requires one time per season show waiver signed, however Horseman's Park requires COVID 19 signature at every show. Trainers, family members and friends must also sign the Covid 19 form at every show. Thank you.

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Pre-entries close on October 12, 2022 for all other classes

Payment via Facebook (we are your friends) to NSHAV at nshavyouth@gmail.com    VENMO to 702-301-1996

Online Entry Form
We ENCOURAGE you to use our online entry form. Once you enter your horse's name, owner's name, email address, etc. click on the button: "Click for Rider ONE Classes" and it will take you directly to the class schedule. All you have to do is click on the classes you want to enter and they will be added to your entry form. It's that easy. If you have a second rider/handler, just click on the button: "Click for Rider TWO Classes" and select the classes for that rider. Under Mandatory Fees, select the correct number for each applicable category. Then click on "Compute My Bill" and it will total your entry fees, stall fees, etc. The total may change depending upon the actual classes you entered, etc.

Print a copy of the entry form for your records. Then click on "Submit My Entry" button. You will get a confirmation that your entry was received.


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